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Getting Your Dog Used to Being Groomed

Getting Your Dog Used to Being Groomed Does your dog get nervous when it comes time for a grooming session? Puppy and dog owners the world over can benefit from some sound advice from veteran trainers and doggie parents on how to get their pet comfortable with the process of going to the groomers. So how can you get your pet ready for grooming?

Getting your dog calm

Simulate the process they are going to encounter by teaching the dog to stand or be quiet while having his ears, eyes, mouths, and feet handled. This practice can be done any time while at home. Start when the dog is relatively settled and practice touching their head and muzzle areas where the groomer is likely to interact with them. With enough repetition, the dog will eventually get used to the feeling and even come to enjoy the handling.

Nail clipping training

Some dogs get very paw shy when it comes time to trim their nails. Two or three times a day, use some dog nail clippers to “pretend” you’re clipping their nails. Start by having your dog sit and stay. Lift one paw and pretend to clip all the nails by just clipping the air. Repeat this process with all four feet. Keep in mind that if your dog is really shy of having their nails clipped, you may have to break the procedure down to smaller steps. For example, you can start by simply holding your dog’s paw and touching each nail, with the nail clippers they sit on a nearby table. Once they get used to the “pretend” clipping, maybe for a week, move on to clipping ONE nail (only do this if they need it). Introduce treats into the mix to give your dog a trigger that clipping is a positive thing.


By doing these things regularly, your dog will be become well mannered and calm during their real mobile or in-store dog grooming session. Once you’ve established a solid foundation, your dog will only need occasional practice.   Remember to treat frequently, and that the ultimate goals is to be proactive with your dog and teach him to that all the things that will inevitably happen to him during a grooming will be something that feels good and comes with enjoyment. From groomers who poke and prod to veterinarians who use needles and medication, eventually all dog owners need to deal with shyness and fear. None of these experiences are naturally pleasant for a dog, so it’s up to us to teach him how to enjoy them. In the end your dog will be so much easier to care for and you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing they’re more relaxed while being taken care of.

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Grooming Services

The grooming service your dog will experience comes from our signature selection services . They include bathing, brushing, eyes, ears, facial, paws and pads. Your pet will enjoy:

Dog grooming Ottawa- Bathing - all natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free shampoos; cream rinse conditioner included as needed. Specialty shampoos (oatmeal; hypoallergenic; silk protein, etc.) available -- or provide your own.

- Eyes & Ears gently cleaned - ear hair plucked upon request

- Hand Blow Drying & Brushing - no cage dryers ever.

- Feet & Paw Pads Neatened, Nails Trimmed - clip & file nails.

- Sanitary Area Trimmed - if needed.

- Flea Dipping - Upon request

- Anal Glands - expressed only by special request (external procedure)

When it comes to choosing a dog groomer and professional dog wash service in Ottawa, we know you have options. We want to make you our next satisfied client. We treat your pets like they were our own, and we LOVE our pets. Call us today for a free dog grooming quote, and thanks for stopping by.